Novelist's Boot Camp

by Todd A. Stone

Book review

I'm saddened to write this review because I really wanted to like this book. I wanted this book to push me ahead, help me over the bar, give me information that, while not new, it was still written in such a way as to invigorate me and urge me forward. I was in love with the idea that if I wrote along with this book every day/week (as suggested in the appendix), that at the end of it, I would have a finished draft.

Novelist's Boot Camp really let me down.

It's ordered by Missions and Drills. Each Mission has several Drills within it. Each Drill is, unfortunately, nothing more than a blog article, information written in the span of what would be any vague, high-level blog post found on any writer's blog. It's nothing new. It's nothing specific. It's all rehash rah-rah of what most middle-to-advanced writers already know. The Drills don't offer anything new.

For the new writer, this may have exactly what you need.

For the middle-advanced writer, go to Amazon, read the table of contents, look at the 'map', then go to the Appendix (all available under the Look Inside feature). From that,you will have all the information contained within the book to write a novel in 12 weeks.

Or, if you want inspiration, if you want a cheerleader in your camp, get this book.

If you want a book that you can follow and write along with, knowing at the end of a set time (as in twelve weeks enumerated in the appendix), get The 90 Day Novel by Alan Watt. At least The 90 Day Novel gives you specific questions to answer to help you focus your mind to get a novel written and gives you guidelines and guide posts to help you get the book written in 90 days.

Novelist's Boot Camp has some good information, but it's not in-depth enough to satisfy my thirst for more on how to write a novel or to provide guidance. There aren't any nifty tools and ideas I don't already know, and certainly not for the expense of ordering the physical book at hardcover price.

Beginning writers may gain something from it. More advanced writers, you might want to borrow from the library.

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