Prigioniero d'amore (Westburg, #1)

by Patricia Logan

Book review

Dylan Yates isn’t a bad person but he’s fallen in with the wrong guy. Marcus Tucker is a big, bad and beautiful biker who runs a huge criminal empire. Dylan hooks up with Marcus for a night of all out hot sex and only realizes after it's too late that Marcus is into young boys, kids in fact. Worse, Dylan backs out of their planned evening together after meeting up with one of Marcus’s very young lovers. Fearful that Dylan will expose him for what he is, Marcus embarks on a plan to make sure Dylan doesn't expose Marcus' dark side. Marcus kidnaps Jared Yates, Dylan’s nine-year-old brother and threatens to “break him in” if Dylan doesn’t do exactly what Marcus wants.

Dylan’s assignment is to kidnap and guard a man named Connor Black until Connor’s very wealthy family can pay to get him back. What Marcus doesn’t suspect, however, is the attraction Dylan and Connor feel for each other the instant they meet. While in Dylan’s custody, Connor is at first afraid and then becomes angry and who better to take out his rage upon than his kidnapper? What surprises Connor is that Dylan, his big, tough kidnapper, refuses to fight back. Dylan is powerfully attracted to Connor but won’t allow himself to become attached to the man because he fears that he'll eventually be ordered to kill Connor if he wants to get Jared back safe and sound.

Little by little Connor realizes that Dylan is reluctant in his task to guard him and he begins to trust Dylan. Even more powerful than trust, Connor finally realizes his own deep attraction to the beautiful man. Is it just Stockholm Syndrome or is it something more? As the two men are forced to live together in the cramped surroundings of Marcus’s hideout, the walls between them crack and finally fall. Dylan gives in to his longing and he and Connor become lovers. When Connor finds out the truth of who’s behind the kidnapping and the hold Marcus has over Dylan, he's determined they face the menace together.

The men plan their escape keeping in mind that not only must they get themselves out alive, but they must see to it that Jared isn’t harmed in the process. It turns out that trying to get away from a man like Marcus Tucker and his armed guards isn’t an easy thing to do.

PublisherWestburg Publishing
Release date 02.03.2015
Pages count166
File size6.1 Mb
eBook formatKindle Edition, (torrent)En
Book rating3.82 (83 votes)

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